PEB Applications

Industrial Sheds Godown Factories Workshops
Warehouses Showrooms Exhibition Hall Cold Stores
Car Parking Portable Cabin Office Cabins Store Room Cabins
Security Cabins Toilet Cabins Toll Booth Workers Rest Room
Farm House Project Office Cabins --- ---

PEB Advantages

Cost Saving-

With fast construction, unmatched durability, carefree maintenance and affordable customization, it is easy to see why our structure will meet you needs and exceed your expectations. All above features make a PEPPB structure easy on your budget.

Faster Construction-

PEB Material cut’s weeks off, of your construction time, saving time and money.

Lower Life-Cycle Cost-

Resulting in greater Return on Investment.

Strength and Durability-

PEB structures are most likely to survive in harsh weather conditions than other types of construction. They are designed to with stand the long-term effects of the elements and pests such as termites.

Low Maintenance-

It’s long-life finishes provide years of care-free beauty. PEB structure require less maintenance than similar structures made from some other types of materials, you will be proud of your new facility for years to come.

Design Flexibility and Versatility-

PEB structure designs meets your all individual needs and requirements. It can be designed such that it may be expanded to fit your needs as your business expansion. It can easily and affordably provide you with a clear, column-free interior space & layout of your buildings.

Energy Efficiency-

It can easily insulate with fibre glass wool or rigid board. An insulated Roofing design can dramatically decrease heating and cooling expenses.


It is produced using only high-grade metal and premium components. You can be sure that your investment will be built to last and will serve you well for years to come.

Framing System

The most common primary systems are shown below. All shown are symmetrical about the ridge line. Framing systems about the ridge line and multi-span framing systems with unequal width modules are also possible, as symmetrical. In fact, practically any frame geometry is possible; a M&K PEB representative will be happy to discuss any specific requirements and recommend optional solutions.

Container Cabin

Portable Cabins (Porta cabins) are strong, secure, and comfortable prefabricated structure. Porta Cabins offered by M&K are premium quality structures for work spaces mostly on construction sites and other off site projects. They are long lasting, durable, sturdy and easy to move. The key salient feature about the Porta Cabins is that they are functional and provides enough work area. These cabins are designed to suit the customer’s requirement.

M & K Industries is a well known name in manufacturing Site Offices, Bunk Houses, portable cabins and tailor made Accommodation solutions, Toilet solutions & Laboratory units. From Construction companies to all Industries, from 80 sq.ft. to 1000sq.ft, M & K makes everything possible under one roof. Our offered range includes Security Cabin & Site Office Cabin, Industrial Port cabin & Prefabricated House, Portable Cabin–Interior, Watchman Cabin & Toilet Cabinand Office Cabin Workstation & Bunk House.