Primary Framing

Primary support systems furnish the main support of the building. Built-up sections are fabricated from hot rolled steel plates confirming to ASTM A 572M grade or equivalent with minimum yield strength of 345N/mm2 (50ksi).

The most common primary framing systems are illustrated here. All structures shown are symmetrical about the ridgeline. Framing systems unsymmetrical about the ridgeline and Multispan Framing Systems with unequal width modules are possible too. Practically any frame geometry can be erected.

Secondary Framing

• Secondary Members in the PEB industry refer mostly to longitudinal roof and wall members that are roll formed from galvanized coils or press broken from narrow galvanized sheets. The raw material of these members is stocked in various thickness: 1.5, 1.75, 2.2, 2.25 and 2.5mm. secondary structural members used to support the wall and roof panels

The following building components are considered secondary members.

– Z” sections acting as longitudinal roof purlins and longitudinal wall girts that connect to columns & rafters and support exterior roof and wall panels.

– Eave struts located at the building eaves (corner of roof and wall sheeting along sidewalls also providing bracing for frames and supporting roof and wall panels.

– "C” sections used primarily in framed openings and as a transition member between partial block walls and wall panels.

– Mezzanine Deck (0.7mm thick) used to support concrete slabs in second level flooring.

– Base angles, gable angles, and mezzanine edge angles.

– Valley gutters (0.9mm thick) in Multi Gable Buildings.

Roof and wall Sheeting

Roof and wall panels are roll- formed sections for 0.45 mm to 0.5 mm thick Aluzinc color coated steel. Standard roof panels are made from bare Aluzinc coated steel. Panel paint film thickness is 25 microns on the exterior weather face and 5-7 microns of PU compatible epoxy primer on the interior face. The sheeting material is coldrolled, high tensile 550 Mpa yield stress, with hot dip metallic coating of Galvalume 150 gm/m2 total, AZ 150 as per ASTM A792 or AS 1392, and wall coated with 25 microns regular modified polyester paint system applied on Zincalume.

M&K PEB offers a variety of panel profiles that is used in all the cladding applications, this strong and attractive wall and roof panels are made from bare AluZinc coated steel. These Roofing Sheets have excellent corrosion and weather resistance longer spanning capability, Thermal Efficiency, Long Durability & Safety


Use of High Quality Accessories


Nuts And Bolts

Turbo Ventilator

Sheeting Screws

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