Shot/Grit Blasting

We at M&K Industries , provide Quality blast cleaning and painting services with our large Blasting ‘Booth’ with a fast turnaround to a high quality standard. We are having in house Blasting and Air less spray painting facility with adequate space for the same. We offer Blasting and Painting services for small and larger fabricated components in our Manual booth. Blasting and Painting services are also offered at site for Non Transportable components such as Tanks, Material Handling Equipments and Silos etc


M&K specializes in coating and painting a wide variety of metals and its substrates. Our coating & painting services enhance the physical properties, wear resistance, adhesion, scratch resistance as well as the external appearance of the components. We can apply all type of coatings for various components. We have a blasting room which is 15m x 15m length & paint room which is 15m x 15m length. This helps in the finishing of a wide variety of components and also permits the on-time flow of products to you and your customer ultimately.

Surface Preparation and Painting,HB Zink Phosphate,HB Zink Silicate,Alkyd ZinkPhosphate,Epoxy Zink Phosphate,Zink Silicate,Synthetic Enamel,Plyurthane.

Onsite Fabrication & Erection

Owing to our expertise in this domain, we are providing best in class Erection And Commissioning Service for pre fabricated industrial plants. This service includes the fabrication, installation and maintenance of the industrial plants. While rendering this service, our experts lay special emphasis on safety measures of the pre fabricated plants. Our professionals only use the latest tools, equipments and machines while rendering this service. Apart from this, our provided service is well known due to the proper utilization of the space, hassle-free management, customized solution and cost-effectiveness.

Casting Repair Jobs

M&K Industries specializes in providing precision repairs for your Casting Components, molds and tools. We have diligently saved our customers hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of rupees by repairing casting defects such as sand inclusion, worn or broken tooling and molds, etc

M&K Industries has the education, experience, and equipment to achieve micro-dimensional welding to tolerances of a few thousands of an inch.